• System includes: ;• 4 body-pack transmitters ;• 4 headset microphones ;• 4 lavalier microphones ;• 8 AA batteries ;• Wall power adapter ;• Rack mount hardware;• UHF band receiver system operates between frequencies 673.7 MHz to 696.1 MHz;• Quad-frequency channel design (1, 2, 3, 4);• Broad frequency response range and low distortion;• High signal-to-noise ratio performance;• RF signal and AF signal LED indicators;• Radio frequency and audio frequency;• LCD digital display with channel & frequency readout;• Independent channel adjustable volume controls;• Detachable dual antennas;• Rack-mountable system;• 4 XLR outputs;

Pyle PDWM4560 UHF Quad-Channel Fixed-Frequency Wireless Microphone System